Helps Boost Your Immune System


This all-natural health drink is made up of 12 Vegetable Extracts, 9 Essential Vitamins and 200 Millions of Lactobacilli made healthier to keep your beauty, with Collagen!



MOSBEAU Aojiru Collagen 30 Sachets/ 8g

SKU: MB21006
  • Health effect of Mosbeau Aojiru Collagen


    • Prevent lifestyle-related diseases
    • Immunity enhancement
    • Boost energy (fatigue recovery)
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Prevents anemia
    • Excrete toxins (reduced visceral fat and body fat)


    Beauty effect of Mosbeau Aojiru Collagen


    • Prevention of skin problem (acne and rough skin)
    • Beautiful skin (intake of vitamins & cleansing of intestines)
    • Anti-aging (suppresses generation of active oxygen)
    • Helps regulate body’s melatonin level
    • Dietary effect (discharge waste of the body and increase metabolism; improve body detox)