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Snazzy Baus was created with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable online store. It was founded by a group of like-minded fashion devotees, determined to deliver style to shoppers worldwide. Our aim is to provide you with snazziest but affordable pieces of clothing. We thoroughly check our goods so that you only receive the best quality products. We always keep an eye on the latest clothing trends and put our customers' wishes first.

Snazzy Baus also have skin care and beauty products and a registered distributor of Mosbeau Japan and Relumins USA.

Mosbeau is the Skin Whitening and Anti-Aging Expert producing 100% Made in Japan and high-quality skin care products. Mosbeau aims to make every woman be at her most beautiful as its name origin suggests - “Most” & “Beautiful”. It uses breakthrough ingredients: Horse Placental Protein and Japan-patented Placental Protein, which have set Mosbeau a cut-above-the-rest when it comes to over-all skin improvement. Aside from skin care, Mosbeau had also successfully come up with products specifically tailored for slimming and general wellness. Mosbeau product ranges from placenta white advanced supplement, collagen jelly, underarm and dark spot cream, facial cream, body lotion to lotion soap.

The Relumins line of skincare, beauty and weight loss products are manufactured to precise safety standards following accepted and established industry practices. In addition to being produced in world-class manufacturing facilities, Relumins products contain only the finest ingredients obtained from reliable, world-wide sources. Relumins offers a wide range of skin care products from glutathione, collagen, facial cream, serums, toner, body lotion to kojic soap.

We are actively looking at more products to include in our online store. Stay tuned.

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