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COLLAGEN from our KB BRAND is a marine collagen peptide, specifically SALMON OVARY PEPTIDE (Patented), the highest quality of collagen. KB Collagen is made in JAPAN and the focus of this product is for ANTI-AGING.


KB Collagen also contains Pearl Powder. Pearl has the power to renew, regenerate, and restore human health like nothing else. Pearl is made of calcium compounds, proteins, amino acids, polysaccharide, and many trace minerals – the same crucial components of human fluids, connective tissues, and bones. They help build cells, repair tissues, enhance the immune system and slow down the aging process. These pearl components also aid memory and sleep and increase positive “elevated mood” neurotransmitters, and thus reduce the level of stress and anxiety.


Pearl’s unique anti-aging substances called pearl signal proteins are the ultimate anti-aging ingredients. Research studies also show that pearl promotes healthy blood pressure and has a significant effect on circulation and cardiovascular health.


FDA Approved


Country of Origin: JAPAN

KB KYUSOKU BIHAKU Collagen Food Supplement 30 tablets

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  • Each capsule contains 200 mg Collagen powder

  • Take one (1) tablet a day. Or as prescribed by a medical practitioner.