Benefits of Authentic Relumins Advance White Glycolic Peeling Gel


- 200ml Gel Pump Bottle

- 5% Glycolic Acid, gentle yet effective. 

- Rid build-up with an effective exfoliant ingredient.

- With a unique blend of natural fruit extracts and Glycolic acid that makes the skin feel firmer.

- Safe and gentle even to sensitive skin.

- Exfoliates for immediate clarity

- Promotes younger looking skin

- Suitable for skin elasticity, hydration and texture

- Reduces appearance of pore size and prevents breakouts

RELUMINS Advance White Glycolic Peeling Gel 30ml

SKU: RS21017
  • Glycolic Acid, Alpinia Katsumadai Seed Extract, Citrus Lemon Extract, Vitamin A, C & E, Bearberry Extract

  • Apply gel to treatment area and gently massage for two minutes, gradually increasing treatment times with subsequent applications. Rinse with soap and pat dry. Apply toner and cream. Repeat up to 3 times a week.


    SAFETY: Do a skin test prior to use. Cease use immediately if use results in skin redness or irritation.