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1 x Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta Slim

1 x Relumins Intense Glow Brightening Protection Cream 50mL


Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta Slim



7 Powerful Fat Burning Ingredients PLUS Glutathione.


- 90 Capsules

- Effective slimming and whitening capsule

- It works by Reducing Appetite and Increasing Lipolysis

- Most advanced botanical fat burning formula available

- Maximum skin whitening

- Naturally lightens skin by supplementing cellular glutathione and inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase

- Keeps skin firmer, younger and smoother with flavonoids, fatty acids and placental growth factors

- Reduces fat and cellulite deposits

- Helps lighten and soften skin

- Healthy and Natural, no artificial chemicals


Relumins Intense Glow Brightening Protection Cream 50mL

This new skin brightening day cream protects the skin from environmental stressors and helps achieve a healthy and even glow.


The Intense Glow Brightening Cream consists of all-natural ingredients. While the cream has a rich feel, it goes on smoothly and almost provides a calming sensation to the skin. A cream delivers boundless hydration to maximize skin radiance. The hydrating, brightening properties help create a radiant barrier of moisture on the skin.

  • Lightens skin leaving you with an even complexion.
  • Leaves skin glowing and grease-free all day.
  • Protects from environmental stressors.
  • Softens skin as it lightens so you feel confident.
  • 50 g / 1.7 oz

RELUMINS Advance Nutrition Gluta Slim and Brightening Protection Cream

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