Washing your face with soap is not enough. After washing your face twice, apply Deep Cleanser with cotton and you will see there is still dirt left.

  • Removes deep seated dirt, excess oil and make up with Micro-Cleanse Anti-bacterial Formula
  • Whitens with continued use
  • Controls oil for hours, removes excess oil, based on clinical test


Country of Origin: PHILIPPINES

ESKINOL Classic White Clear Facial Deep Cleanser 225mL

SKU: EK21008
  • Water,Alcohol Denat.,Sorbitol,Perfume,PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Menthol,Citric Acid

  • Moisten a piece of cotton and apply on face and neck. Repeat until no trace of dirt is seen on the cotton. Use anytime and anywhere for truly clean skin.